T H E a !
Thea Tochihara is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist from Denver, CO.  Currently based out of San Diego, CA.


Hi.  My name is Thea..  These bio sections always make me nervous.  When I get nervous, I can sound impersonal.  

When I sound impersonal, I'm not myself.  When I'm not myself, it's harder for me to get to know you.  So I'm just

gonna tell you a little about me.  

I fell in love with the piano when I was 12.  I taught myself how to read and write music.  Nothing special, at least

that's what I remember people I can't remember who telling me..

There was an art school that all the people i thought were cool and liked hanging around went to.  I wanted to go

there too...so I worked my butt off...and didn't get in.  BUT, this determination to try again until I did was enough to

convince my folks to get me some piano lessons.  I tried again the next year, and got in.  I played classical because

that's what I was told to do by who I can't remember.  I wanted to play blues, jazz, rock, pop... and by the time I

realized I could do whatever I wanted to, my schooling was done.  I didn't touch the piano for years. 

I went to more school.  Because that's what you were supposed to do.  I picked something that someone told me to, I

can't remember who.  I learned about our crazy brains and how that's connected to our crazy actions and what we


I fell in love. I worked real jobs. And lots of them. I broke some hearts. Had mine broken too.  And somewhere in

there I discovered what I love to do.  Sometimes you need holes in your heart to make room.

I fell in love with a guitar when I was 27.  I stole that guitar from my sister.  I wrote poems.  Another sister said

to make those poems into songs.  I thought, heck...why not try to?  

I gave away what I thought I owned, but I knew was owning me.  I discovered the things I truly needed. My

childhood piano was hand delivered by my parents across the country to me.  And the band was taking shape!  Just

me (Thea), Ray (guitar), and MO (my piano).

​We held many a practices late into the night in my studio apartment in the basement of an old building a hop from

downtown San Diego.  We poured out our hearts, singing out of key, making our fingers bleed, crying our eyes out,

laughing hysterically...and discovering we might just be...crazy!  But knowing at least we were happy.

In addition to her solo project, Thea is also a member of the band 'Social Club.'  You can find their releases and videos on the music! page as well!